Madness Scene-Animations

2015-04-25 02:03:22 by madnessc12

Because people keep complaining about my scene animations, and because people are just bullies and getting there secret accounts and putting 0 ratings, so no one can vote about it, I just put it on youtube, it's almost immposible to lose your video there. All of the videos has to be on 300-500px in choice. To do it, go to settings, then click on sixe from 300px to 500px. To watch, please click on the codes that is below the name of the animation


Top 10 Strongest Madness Characters

Madnessc12 Madness 1



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2015-04-25 03:04:09

I hope you guys like the animations.


2015-04-25 03:10:01

You can't Put yourself on a top 10 !

madnessc12 responds:

Well, I am strong. Look at the picture when I killed Sanford & Deimos. Look how cruel they have been killed. If that is so then I am Top 10. And I killed Hank too, right? At that time Hank was like top 12. I beat him and that proofs I am top 10. You'll see as I add more Madnessc12 Madness Episodes, Next Episodes I am making is 0.5 and 1.5 so just wait and see!


2015-04-25 04:07:26

But there's one detail : You are a non canon characther you can't do that like that ! I mean not officialy..


2015-04-25 04:10:13

"Newgrounds Project 1" Isn't Animation
Download This
And Do Animation
Tutorials -
Download Macromedia Flash 8,Download Sprites,Watch Tutorials And Do Animation

madnessc12 responds:

Can you help me? The software isn't working. AVG 2015 told me that it has something broken in there.


2015-04-25 04:36:52

You're Non-Canon Character
You Can't Do Things Like That


2015-04-25 07:59:26

You need some lessons, i'll be teaching you how to animate better so people will stop saying bad things to your animations.

Or i'll be your animator and you'll be my director... Whats your choice??

PM me, email me or Respond.

madnessc12 responds:

I'm fine. I don't really care about that. I don't really make animations anyway. It's a scene animation.


2015-04-25 09:32:24

The video is pretty cool itself, but you can't put yourself as a character in "top 10 stronguest character in madness combat". But the video idea is good


2015-04-26 03:21:26

What about Top 1, he's my allie. Right? You guys just stop watching at Top 10? I know I am non-canon but it does it still count? I am pretty powerful. I killed hank. I will include DAHdreaminGuy in my next animation.


2015-04-26 05:45:12

if its a scene animation, your animations won't be accepted here on Newgrounds


2015-04-27 23:53:17

I will add ATP Grunt's past. This will go on until is reached the time right now in Madness.


2015-05-01 21:30:31