My Animation Buddys

2015-05-16 05:40:51 by madnessc12

I haven't been online for a while now. Well now, I work with moustro19 and MC0DR on Madness Animations. Now we will be using moustro19's Youtube account for our animations. Visit us with this link:

Madness Scene-Animations

2015-04-25 02:03:22 by madnessc12

Because people keep complaining about my scene animations, and because people are just bullies and getting there secret accounts and putting 0 ratings, so no one can vote about it, I just put it on youtube, it's almost immposible to lose your video there. All of the videos has to be on 300-500px in choice. To do it, go to settings, then click on sixe from 300px to 500px. To watch, please click on the codes that is below the name of the animation


Top 10 Strongest Madness Characters

Madnessc12 Madness 1


Madnessc12's Chat Room

2015-04-24 20:46:52 by madnessc12

Go here to check out news I have for all the users.

Sad News

2015-04-24 04:18:55 by madnessc12

Some user went to Madnessc12 Madness 1 and just went mean about it. I don't really know how much computer space I have. Why does he have to be so mean? Also, it appears Top 10 Strongest Madness Characters is not gonna let me publish it. I just ran out of luck.

Top 10 Madness Characters

2015-04-24 03:02:45 by madnessc12

I will make Madnessc12 Madness 1.5 later. For now, I am about to go on Windows Live Movie Maker and put all the scenes into a video. This time, this video is going to be longer then Madnessc12 Madness 1. Get prepared for this!

Movie 1 is Released

2015-04-23 21:58:26 by madnessc12

My movie isn't really that good but that's the best I can do. It's about a minute longm pretty short but you get you see the first episode and the beginning, tell me if it is too fast. I'll slow it down a bit. I sort of think it's too fast, I will make a new scene animation today. (March 24, 2015)

That sucks.

2015-04-23 06:25:38 by madnessc12

It appears my work was not accepted. It wasn't good enough. I guess I have to make it better. Now I will work harder making this. And people that didn't like that video. I will make a better one this time. I promise, but you should know I don't know how to add gun sounds to my video, just don't complain about this one. The character's looks will still be the same so it's not a worry. But I promise this is going to be better. I will make a animation! And I will not add feet, the number in feet in the scene creator is too low.

Movie Making

2015-04-22 04:09:25 by madnessc12

Now I will be making movies about my madness character. He's gonna be a killing machine, I will be using Windows Live Movie Maker. I will be using 1 game to make my animations, and that is Madness Scene Creator 4 by F1Krazy. I will also be using Youtube to MP3 Converter for the music. All the music I will put is by Cheshyre. Hope you guys are exited!


Mcmadness12 Madness 1 has been made, grats!

on madness day 2014 madness project nexus 2 is gonna release, i am so exited, but i wil; not play it, but i could watch it on youtube. this is the best thing i ever heard!